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After many years in the Finance Business I retired and returned to books and comics ( graphic novels). I have been married for 30 years raised 3 kids 2 dogs 2 rabbits and now 2 kitties. I lost my buddy Winston ( the Chihuahua) last year and my favorite bunny Bowie in 2016. I decided to draw them everyday in the best way I know how so I would never forget them !!!

Oh Yeah BTW.. I am a member of

SAG-AFTRA ( Actors Guild) and The AEA ( Actors Equity Association) I had a recurring role in The Guiding Light ( now over ) I starred in the Off Broadway Hit Tempest Tossed Fools ( got a good review in the NY TIMES ) did commercials for Office Max and was Dr Litenspritz in one of the first interactive commercials for WishBone salad dressing. I worked on many major pictures and had a 5 liner in The Good Shephard with Matt Damon and Robert Deniro ( they cut me out of the Cinematic release but you can get a glimpse of me in the Directors Cut. I also joined the Naval Reserves in 1994 and was Honorably Discharged in 2000. I was a Boy Scout leader for over 10 years and learned how to camp without dying.

I am a Licensed Rescue Scuba Diver through PADI, but havent been in the water for several years. I skydived from 2 miles above the earth 3 times and threw up the first time out.

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